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Expanding horizons of education has indicated towards making developmental march simpler by becoming aware about various problems to the developing countries and that is why students are attracted towards new fields of computer education, population education, energy education, environmental education. At the time of creating new courses, creators have given place to the elements like format, expansion and working field of these types of new subjects. Environmental Education means a subject jointly indicating towards Environmental Maintenance and human efforts for it.

A person has to deal with many direct and indirect things happening around him. Some physiological and some live elements can be included in this surrounding matters. In this world of human beings, work of life has become more and more simple because of environmental movement. As the sun rises, environmental elements bring liveliness to the eco system by co-operating each other. Problem of environment in the world has become more critical because of population growth and some wrong desires of human being. The earth is the native of flora and fauna.

In the year 1986, Dr. Gunvant Shah introduced a paper on ‘Gandhi and Global Peace’ in an international conference on course revision at Hiroshima in which worries on four global problems were shown of which one problem was not in balance with environment (cruelty with the nature). The problem of environmental balance is a global crisis today. Day by day increase in pollution has made people think. A conference was held in the year 2001 in this regard. In which the issue of national green corps was discussed to maintain the balance of environment and for the awareness. The Supreme Court of India has also shown worries about the existing condition of the environment and insisted to introduce ‘Environment’ as a subject in all types of courses.

We all are a part of the environment. Many environmental problems can be solved by changing our view point towards the environment. Let’s keep our area clean and conserve the natural resources by reusing things. This thing can not be changed over night in the country of 100 crore population. But changes can be made in the social behaviour by the children. There is no selfishness in the children and new thoughts can easily be given to their mind. They are our future. Every child can create important effect in his own family. So that it is decided to establish eco clubs in all the districts of the country by the Indian Government.

These activities are going on in the secondary schools of the State in this regard. To expedite and make this program more effective, by the medium of GCERT, establishing this in the primary schools of the State, the efforts to bring awareness towards nature and environment will be certainly helpful.