Sexual Harassment
Prevention Committee

Following issues are important for the Eco Club of the primary school students to be more useful to the society.

Solid waste disposal.
Help in pollution control.
Working on the prevention of the shortage of water.
Help in civic facilities.
Tree plantation in schools and rural areas.
Awareness to stop the wastage of water.
Maintenance of public gardens and parks.
To bring up the friendly approach, attitude and interest of the people towards improvement in environment.
Create awareness of the conservation of the land and wetness.
School Activities in Eco Club
Creation of productive land.
To create School medicinal garden.
To create vegetable farms.
To dig composed pits.
To arrange visits to the important places in view to the environment like Zoo, Sanctuaries and pollution affected area. To arrange camps for awareness.
Tree plantation work in schools or public places and cleanliness activities in school, colony, public places and the surrounding places. To create awareness about personal hygiene e.g. to wash hands before meal, to take water using water bowl, to cut nails, to keep food – water covered, not to create dirt, etc.
To give education to keep the cleanliness of the public places.
To bring up the consciousness about the cleanliness and maintenance of gardens – parks inside or outside the school.
Arrange environment related inter competitions and debates under this program e.g. Painting competition, essay writing competition, debates, etc.
To celebrate festivals like World Environment Day, Van Mahotsav, Forest Day, etc.