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Balmela is a fun tour for the participating children and an opportunity for his overall development. Different avenues of development open up in child’s mind due to this. Which implant something about his future in to his mind and this implantation spreads becoming a tree in the future.Balmela is a program of children’s presentation. It is a program to develop the hidden skills in the children. Workability is satisfied by motivating self faith and self confidence in to the children. Group attitude is developed. Thinking power is developed. Values are moulded in them and self confidence is increased. These types of Balmela are organized by the GCERT in all government primary schools of Gujarat State resulted in to increase in reputation, stabilization and quality improvement

Objective of the Balmela

Functionality of the children is nourished.
Curiosity of the children is awakened.
Group spirit of the children is developed.
Creativity of the children is satisfied.
Thinking power of the children is developed.
Children fill self satisfaction.
Self confidence of the children is increased.
Children get opportunity of presentation.
Development of the characters like management, discipline, punctuality, perfection, cleanliness, etc.

Activities of Balmela

Songs – Music – Acting
Children Games
Children Stories
Children Plays
Clay Work
Dye Work