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Accessing PDF Files
A lot of Documents, Reports and Forms provided on this Portal are in the Portable Document Format (PDF).
Portable Document Format (PDF) is the published specification used by standards bodies around the world for more secure, reliable electronic document distribution and exchange. PDF documents can be shared, viewed, and printed by anyone, on any system, using free Adobe Reader software — regardless of the operating system, original application, or fonts.
To open a .PDF file you have two options. You can download the software ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader' and install it onto your computer. The software is available free of charge from the Adobe Acrobat site and a link to download the same has been placed below.
The second option is to use an online .PDF conversion tool. Visit the Adobe Acrobat website (link to the relevant page given below), type in the address of a .PDF file and get it to translate the file into a more readable format while you wait. Or you can email the address of the file (or the file itself) to Adobe, and they will email a translation back. These translations of the files may not be as clearly formatted as the original PDF file.
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Software
Gujarati Font Help
This website is developed in Unicode (UTF-8) format. Most of the latest browsers like Internet Explorer 6/7, and Mozilla Firefox support Unicode. In addition, Unicode fonts some basic come in with Windows ME, Windows 2000 and XP and above so installed in your PC. You need not download any font. if you have these Operating system installed in your PC.
Still, if you have reading problem on this site, most likely you do no have latest version of your browser or the operating system. Please upgrade it.
One of the many advantages of this universally acceptable format is its search compatibility. Unlike in other local language font formats, a website in Unicode (UTF-8) format can be searched and accessed through search engines.