Planning & Management
Department of Planning and Management is engaged in preparation of plan activities to ensure receipt of State and Central fund and design strategy for implementation of activities. It also undertakes the management with reference to human resource and financial funds. The progresses of the activities were reviewed on quarterly and yearly basis.

The branch, in coordination with DIETs and educational institutions is involved in extending guidance in the field of Educational Planning, Management and Evaluation of Educational Programs to DIETs, CRCs and Schools.

GCERT is not only conducting the content based programs but also the need based innovative programs which may require all together a new kind of material and planning.

Functions of the Branch :-

Maintenance of statistical educational of information

Preparation of Annual Planning related to the State Level Training Programs.

To Provide Professional and Resource Support in Educational Planning and Management at all levels of administration.

To prepare Annual Administrative Reports.

To prepare Need based/Research based/Area based training programs.

To prepare Annual and budget under Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Teacher Education and other Futuristic Planning. Supply of all or any information to MHRD.

Co-ordination and collaboration with all stake holders form national level, international level to grass root level

Activities and programs :-

Annual work plan and budget–