Functions of the Organization
To Undertake, assist, promote and co-ordinate researches in all branches of education.
To organize in-service and pre-service training programmes for primary and secondary teachers mainly at advance level.
To exercise academic and administrative control over DIETs, CTEs and IASEs.
To exercise academic control over PTTIs and primary schools affiliated to District Education Committees.
To conduct research, innovations, case studies and experiments, projects in the field of primary education.
To develop and disseminate improved educational techniques and practices in the schools.
To undertake the preparation and publication of reference material, supplementary materials, periodicals and other literature as may be necessary for furtherance of its objectives.
To implement programmes related to Adolescence Education, Population Education, IPTT-ITV, Distance Education and Environment Education.
To provide academic assistance/guidance to educational institutions through visits to concerned offices, CRCs, BRCs and schools.
To improve, revise and upgrade the curriculum of training colleges with the changing times.