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The objectives of the program are set forth as:
  • To use present technology in Primary Education and try to provide quality education to the children.
  • To telecast the lessons of Mathematics, Science and technology and English trough BISAG.
  • To remove the weakness of the children of the schools in which the teachers of Mathematics, Science and English are not available.
  • To remove the weakness of the children of the schools in which the teachers of Mathematics, Science and English are not available.
  • To fulfill the defects of the educational equipments in the schools through the programs.
  • To remove the difference between areas and school to school.

About scheme

  • The program was telecasted for students of Standard 6 to 8
  • The program was telecasted in the schools except holidays and vacation during July 2013 to February 2014 with the help of the members of State Resource Group the units were selected according to curriculum.
  • The programme was telecasted as below.
  • Tuesday – Mathematics
  • Wednesday- Science and Technology
  • Thursday- Social Study, Hindi, Gujarati and Sanskrit (according to needs)
  • Friday- English
  • Thus, the program was telecasted four days in a week. Each day in the noon at 2.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. in the evening time was decided from the telecasting. First period was for Standard - 6, second period was for Standard- 7, third period was for Standard - 8.


This programme has two types of beneficiaries. The pupils in all the upper primary school, which has the receiving facility, are the first beneficiary of the programme.
In second phase some schools from the interior areas are offered three days educational tour of Gandhinagar. The pupils of such schools are as under
Year Boys Girls Total
1 2009-10 4440 4239 8679
2 2010-11 3036 3235 6271
3 2011-12 3391 3146 6537
4 2012-13 6295 7308 13603
5 2013-14 8395 7898 16293
TOTAL 25557 25826 51383


Some achievements of the programme are:-

  • New textbooks are introduced in the state, so activity based learning process is required in the programme. The process is implemented successfully.
  • In this year all, the programmes of time tables are telecasted. No single programme is cancelled or postponed due to any reason.
  • In some programmes in all the subjects “beyond the textbook” programmes are telecasted. This to create interest in the subject. The teachers and the students liked that type of programmes.
  • SMS systems are used to get opinion of the programme. Many teachers sent their opinions to improve quality of the programme.
  • The section officer of Legislative assembly took good interest and gave information regarding assembly to the students throughout the year.
  • The expert teachers expressed their deep satisfaction for guidance.