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Sexual Harassment
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Case Study

The Case Study of the District Education and Training Institutes under the Gujarat Council of Education Research and Training, Gandhinagar.


Name of the D. E. T. B.and Researcher

1. Surat, Dr. Raysing B. Chaudhary
Good co-operation with CRC

Chain of leadership is established very nicely. Leadership of principals, professors, trainees and non- educational employees are very good.

Very good inter relation with teachers, supervisors and all.

Very good prayer meeting.

Changes, new ideas and new programs are given place
in Teaching – education process

Trainees are given experience of creative research
during the study only.

Trainee is constantly evaluated during the whole year

Many novel methods are experimented in service oriented trainings.
Pre planning of training programs is appreciable.
Educational researches are done properly.

Hard attempts are made to develop the literacy skill under the language development movement

Very good response received to alternative schooling

Science laboratory is very good and invitations are given to schools for its use.

2 Valsad,,Dr. Raysing B. Chaudhary

Meeting and discussions of the principal and professors of the institute prior to the training.

Worm relations between all.

Enough freedom is given for planning to different branches.

Opportunities are given to professors to improve educational qualifications.