Science Exhibition

NCERT, New Delhi organizes National Science Exhibition every year since 1971. It is known as ‘Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Exhibition for Children’ from 1988. Science exhibitions are organized every year at various levels in the state on the subjects identified by NCERT.


Why Science Exhibitions ?

  To enable children to develop their scientific ability
  To motivate emerging child scientist
  To help them understand the role of Science and Technology in the progress of humankind.
  To popularize the Science
  To make people familiar with the contribution of Science in Social and economic progress of our country.
  To develop scientific outlook and interest for Science among the children.
  To enable children to consider how the knowledge of Science and Technology could be wisely used for sustainable development.
  To prepare model description booklet having a all models displayed in state level Science Exhibition covering primary, secondary, higher secondary and PTC section.