Sexual Harassment
Prevention Committee
Activity and joyful learning based textbooks of std. VII
''An attempt should be made in future textbooks to give adequate representation to children's life experiences, imaginary stories and poems, and real stories of ordinary people reflecting their lives. "These were the recommendations of Prof. Yashpal Committee.
Activities with Joyful Learning and Competency based curriculum was formed by GCERT and simultaneously textbooks of the Std VII were published year by year. While preparing these textbooks, GCERT has used the expertise of State Resource Group-Pedagogy. The curriculum incorporates life oriented aspects and inculcate with an experiences of the children. The teaching – learning process is being  facilitated with simple spoken language, using simple low cost/ no cost Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs), songs, rhymes, stories, games, activities, pictures, riddles, etc.
The recommendations which were suggested by NCERT in the light of curriculum reformation and reconstruction at elementary level; GCERT has adopted various components like Communal harmony, Gender Justice, Consumer protection, Health & Hygiene, Sanitation, Environmental Integration, Disaster Management, Peace Education, Life skill education, Value based education, Moral education, National integration, etc.
Monitoring was done by GCERT in two phases. Feedbacks from all the catchments areas were collected and accordingly rectification was made in the textbooks.